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UFO Tops is now live on Kickstarter!

The government may be keeping UFO sightings secret, but UFO Tops is sharing the truth in the form of metal spinning tops, which are based on documented UFO sightings. Don’t Storm Area 51, storm Kickstarter instead and learn the details behind UFO sightings as depicted in art and stories captured on collectible cards. UFO Tops’ mission is to bring the stories of UFO sightings to life and keep them alive for the next generation.


This is just the beginning for UFO Tops. “We have identified many more UFO sightings to make into tops and bring the stories to life.” explained Eric Peery, creator of UFO Tops. 


The Kickstarter campaign officially launched August 23, 2019 and within the first three days met it’s campaign goal. The campaign finishes October 7, 2019 and the tops will be delivered to backers by the end of October. Backers can choose from a variety of rewards: 1-pack, 3-pack and 6-pack options. Early bird rewards start at $10.


Since launching Roswell and Cussac in 2017 on Kickstarter, UFO Tops have sold thousands of tops around the world. Now UFO Tops returns to Kickstarter to re-release the Roswell and Cussac, and launch a brand new top, Rendlesham, based on the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident.


All three tops have been engineered for longer spin times and greater durability. Each has a ceramic ball tip, silicone enhanced spin grip, lower center of gravity, and wider outer diameter to improve performance. They are all made of aluminum and come in an assortment of anodized colors: Cosmic Silver, Desert Orange, Sulfur Blue, and Siren Red. Each top includes: a collectible UFO Sighting Card and collectible Top Details Trifold with artwork, specifications, and instructions about the top.


Watch for UFO Tops sightings on Kickstarter, Amazon, and toy stores around the world.

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