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UFO Tops is now live on Kickstarter!

Go see the new tops and pre-order yours today.


UFO Tops are pocket-sized metal spinning tops inspired by eye witness accounts from Roswell, New Mexico and Cussac, France.

Inspired by the "saucer-shaped" UFO sighting in Roswell, New Mexico,1947. Many reports have been sighted through the years. One of the most famous was the ABC news report:

Headlines edition July 8, 1947.

The Army Air Force has announced that a flying disc has been found and is now in the possession of the Army.

Listen to the original 1947 radio broadcast here.


Inspired by François and Anne Marie's "spherical-shaped" UFO sighting in the small town of Cussac, France 1967.

Considered by the French government as "one of the most astonishing observed in France."

In one of the cases investigators consider most credible, a 13-year-old boy and his 9-year-old sister were watching over their family's cows near the village of Cussac on Aug. 29, 1967, when the boy spotted "four small black beings" about 47 inches tall. Thinking they were other youngsters, he shouted to his sister, "Oh, there are black children!"

But as they watched, the four beings became agitated and rose into the air, entering the top of what appeared to be a round spaceship, about 15 feet in diameter, which hovered over the field.


Just as the sphere rose up, one of the passengers emerged from the top, returned to the ground to grab something, then flew back to the sphere.

The sphere rose silently in a spiral pattern, then "became increasingly brilliant" before disappearing with a loud whistling sound. It left "a strong sulfur odor after departure," the report said.

-Washington Post, By Molly Moore Friday, March 23, 2007

CUS-BKYL-T (upright spin).jpg

Unique Colors


Unique Design

spin top foreverspin UFO

Ball Handle

Spin Grip


6 Series Aluminum


Ball Point Tip

Unique Finish

Every UFO Top undergoes a chemical polishing and hard anodizing process to create a smooth, durable finish.

Our splash-anodized series involves a labor intensive multi-step anodizing process to create a non-repeatable, unique finish. Just think of that—your top would be one-of-a-kind.

spin com metal tops
Comparison Chart-01.png

Unique Spin

spinning metal toy ufo

When spun, the splash anodized colors mix to create a vibrant display. Shown here is a snapshot of the Roswell Helix. Spin times for Roswell are about 3 minutes, and 2 minutes for Cussac.  

tops spinning

The ball handle shape allows inverted spins.

Three Fun Ways to Spin


Beginner - Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is the easiest to spin.

The spin is pretty wild.


Advanced - Upright

The upright is the most common spin. See how long you can get it to spin.


Expert - Upside down Spin 

The invert is the most difficult to spin. This spin requires some practice.

Can you do inverted spins?

Unique Display

Inspired by the UFO light ray commonly associated with abductions, the LightRay Base is made of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. The bottom concave shape makes it easy to spin your UFO Top.

The LightRay Base

spinning top base lightray



metal top base forever
UFO LightRay Base
Metal spinnng top base


What's Included

Every UFO Top package includes two collector cards and a microfiber bag. You can get your UFO Top with or without the LightRay Base.

Every UFO Top package includes two collector cards and a microfiber bag. You can get your UFO Top with or without the LightRay Base.

ufo tops microfiber bag spin roswell

Use the microfiber bag to keep your UFO Top safe for storage or travel.

ufo tops collector cards cussac france roswell new mexico

Retell the story of your UFO Top with these collector cards and original art.

UFO Tops are "pocket sized" roughly 1.5"x1.25."

metal top pocket size
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Collectible, precision-machined metal spinning tops, collector info cards and more. Collect them all!

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