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Cosmic Collectible Spinning Tops!

From deep in outer space come UFO Tops™; precision machined metal spinning tops inspired by UFO sightings! Collect them all!

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What's New

A new collection of UFO Tops and a brand new spin base are now available on kickstarter! Check them out and see what new UFO Tops have been sighted!

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Not just a toy but the ultimate in fun collectibles! 

  • UFO sighting inspired designs

  • Made from premium, precision machined aluminum and stainless steel metal

  • Insane spin times of up to 15 minutes or longer!

  • Beautiful interstellar inspired colorways 

  • Durable, long lasting metal build quality

  • Fluted and silicon spin grip

  • Ceramic spin ball - 8x harder than steel for super smooth spins

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UFO Inspired

UFO Tops was featured on famous Youtuber, Tech with Brett.

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